Open solutions for today and tomorrow

  • Hardware Independence - We choose the best of breed products to meet our client's application needs without compromise.
  • Owner Focused Solutions - Our hardware independence allows our designers to truly focus on our client's needs and the most cost effective way to meet them, without the risk of squeezing their requirements into a potentially limited offering.
  • Integrated System Designs - Our expertise encompasses many technologies, protocols, applications and platforms allowing us to offer solutions that are unmatched and specific to our client's needs.
  • Service and Support - Our clients want longevity, accessibility and reliability. We deliver.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions - When you combine superior service, cross platform integration, and a commitment to being owner focused with the strength of hardware independence, the result is inevitably more cost-effective solutions.
  • Lower Life-Cycle Costs - If long term client satisfaction is the goal, then systems and support must be cost effective over the long haul. Our commitment to owner self-sufficiency allows the client to learn and maintain as much of the systems operation as they choose.
  • Client Satisfaction - Although all businesses must make a reasonable profit, our primary goal is client satisfaction. We do not rest until our goal is achieved.